VO5 taps into beauty vloggers popularity with new advertisements

Beauty bloggers / vloggers have totally changed the way in which we buy and use beauty and hair products these days and it looks like VO5 hair is tapping into that with their new advertisements. The ads showcase women that look as if they are creating tutorials such as the vlogs we all watch on youtube on a regular basis. It’s a damn good idea to capitalize on a group that is changing the way in which we buy into beauty. However, the ads don’t even scratch the surface in representing the talent that is available online at the moment.

Not a day goes by that I’m not learning something new from an online expert in makeup or hair. These women are not all professionals. In fact, most of these women are average everyday ladies that blog/vlog on the side of their day jobs. I respect and in fact have come to rely heavily on many of these women for advice in the arena of looking good and using the correct products. I mean really who doesn’t get confused out of their minds when walking into a drug store these days? The options are limitless.

So what I would have liked to have seen, more than anything, were some familiar faces up there on screen representing VO5. Heaven knows there are thousands of talented women to choose from that we all know and love. I don’t know for sure that the women in these adverts are actors but it certainly feels commercial and big business in nature. If anyone can confirm if they are or are not bloggers / vloggers, it would be greatly appreciated.


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