Re-discovering Brick Lane market in London

One of my favourite spots in London is Brick Lane. I get completely lost here and my love of this area took me completely by surprise many years ago. When I first moved to London ten years ago I was told that the East End crowds were very different from the West End crowds. Each jabbed at the other and as a result, and as I was new to town, I stayed away from the East side. Then things changed. I met a boy, he was from that part of town and he introduced me to a whole new world on Brick Lane. The relationship fizzled by my love for Brick Lane remained.

I don’t get a chance to go back to Brick Lane often, mostly because of work or the fact that most of my friends still live in the West. However, I prefer things this way. It means that each time I do go back and visit it’s just as magical as the last and truly I do believe Brick Lane does contain a bit of magic. The atmosphere is like no place I’ve been before in London. It’s gritty, it’s in your face, it may be too much for some but it’s real. People buy food from market stalls and have no problem with sitting on the pavement to eat togethe; musicians set up shop on street corners and entertain the folks dining al fresco; and random folks from around London produce pop-up blanket shops in and around the pre-existing shops, diners and musicians. It’s a complete mix of people, trends and cultures.

Speaking of trends, people watching is one of the best parts of being in Brick Lane. The fashions you will see on the streets here are like none you have ever seen before and it is captivating. I could sit all day and just watch the fashions on display. However, one doesn’t just go to Brick Lane to watch other people wear amazing things. The markets here are the life of the party on the weekends. Whether you are shopping for eats, accessories or vintage clothing, Brick Lane’s got you covered.


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