Look for Less: Wildfox vs. Markus Lupfer

Vampires have been a “thing” now for some time. I blame Twilight and True Blood. We’re now all addicted. However, one couldn’t have
predicted that the on screen trend would also be reflected in clothing this
season. One of the hit statement sweaters of the season is from Markus Lupfer
and features a luscious pair of lips sporting some serious fangs. I bought into
it and continue to get comments when I’m out and about in my sparkley Lupfer look. 

This afternoon, however, I spotted a look for
less. It’s a little less statement in the sparkles arena but just as strong in
the luscious lips and it’s from Wildfox. So whether you are on a cash or credit
budget this month, there’s a vampire statement available to you. Now if only
Alexander Skarsgard came with every purchase. Sorry, I can’t deliver on that


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