Review: Target’s first shoppable film starring Kristen Bell

Technology and shopping, it’s an ever evolving process. The latest in this process of evolution comes from the retail giant Target. The big red bullseye is hoping for a hit with their latest investment in a shoppable film starring Kristen Bell. The “film” will be spread over three webisodes that debut each week on Alongside each film you will find a bar that features Target products as they are displayed in the film. You have the ability, as a viewer and consumer, to “favourite” products that you can then purchase when the film concludes.

Now let’s just start by saying that this is an absolutely genius idea. How many times have you watched a film and wondered where you can purchase that beautiful dress the star is wearing? Now it’s possible, and I truly believe that what Target has done here will change not only the way in which we shop Target but also the way in which we shop movies in general in the future. No doubt Hollywood will see this as a way to make more money with each new release. Why not give every movie the opportunity to showcase designs that are available to buy in store on their release? You could provide special codes at the end of the movie where any smart phone could scan and come up with every product featured in the film and ready to buy then and there. This is the future, people.

The future’s been outlined, now what do we make of the present? What do we think of Target’s first stab at small screen shopping? For me, I’m not sold on the plot. I wasn’t locked into the first episode and I doubt I’ll be locked into the second. But could that be exactly the point… not to get too involved in what’s happening but to just be slightly interested so that you are more focused on the product rather than the plot?

I watched, I “favourited” and I actually purchased something. So in the end, whether I liked the film or not, it led to a sale. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Watch the first Target shoppable movie


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