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This weekend I had the great privilege of meeting Miss Asma Docrat who I will now always refer to as my “go-to London Lash Lady.” Asma is quite simply a miracle worker. Here’s the back story…

A few weeks ago I’m having breakfast with a good friend, who has just had the most glamourous wedding on earth, and she’s telling me all about preparations for the wedding. Turns out one of her secret weapons was a talented lash expert who completely transformed her eye flutter. And trust me, there was some serious eye fluttering going on here as when you have these lush lashes you can’t help but bat your beautiful eyelashes at everyone. End result was me being put in touch with the miracle worker – Asma.

An appointment was made and this weekend I made my way into Boudoir Lashes in South Kensington and prepared for a transformation of epic proportions. I was in no way underwhelmed by what took place. From start to finish the owner of Boudoir Lashes, Asma Docrat, made this an experience I will not soon forget.

For 90 minutes I lay on a “bed” as one by one lashes were applied to my upper lid to thicken my existing lashes. I asked Asma to count how many lashes she had applied on each eyelid and it totalled 85 for each eye! Now you see why it would take 90 minutes. Each lash is glued into place after establishing the perfect thickness and ideal location for the piece. The end result is a look worthy of an extreme closeup.

Now, I’m only on day three with the lashes but I’m getting compliments everywhere I turn and yes, I’m namedropping this lovely lash lady like you wouldn’t believe because I am quite simply smitten. No more applying mascara, no more having to worry about mascara runs in the rain or at the gym. My eyes always look made up, even when I wake up in the morning. Asma warned me this would be addictive and now I see why. I’m not looking back now.

So here’s the trick. The lashes that are applied last the normal cycle of your existing eyelashes so the full set can last anywhere from three to six weeks and then it’s time to go in for a touch up. If you are good and follow the rules Asma dishes out, you’ll see a long life with these lashes and trust me they’re worth every single penny.

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