One Direction pair puppies and Polo Ralph Lauren

One Direction puppies

Want to quickly take your boy band from world famous to universally lovable? Someone at Wonderland magazine has found a way to do that exactly, if you can believe it, with One Direction. They have found the perfect equation to big band success in the modern world and it goes a little something like this. Take two parts Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweaters and three parts perfectly precious puppies, then add the band One Direction and you will see teenage girls dropping like flies around the globe. Not only that but you’ll have the mother and father of every one of these girls vouching for these handsome young men. “Yes, dear. Buy a One Direction album. They look like fine young men in a world that is full of ragged looking rock stars.” Yes, in fact Ralph Lauren does have special powers that turn boys into men. Bravo, Wonderland. Styling at its finest.


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