Black Friday Shopping Videos 2012

Black Friday 2012 hasn’t even finished yet and the videos of crazy shoppers are already flooding Youtube. We have people breaking out in fights in Walmarts, a manager of Victoria’s Secret begging crowds to back up for fear of people getting hurt, and more. Not that any of this is new. Need reminders? Check out our feature from last year: Black Friday Shopping Videos 2011.

For Black Friday 2011, over 200 million people took part in the craziness of America’s biggest shopping day, with over $50 billion spent. What will 2012 bring for Black Friday? No reports in yet, just videos…and I must say it looks like we haven’t evolved much this year with our manners or crazed consumerism. Just listen to the noises these people are making as the films roll. It’s hard to believe we are watching human beings.

First we’ll kick off with what Black Friday 2012 looked like at Victoria’s Secret…

It all seems to have been maintained in the end. I wish I could say the same for this next video compilation from Walmart shoppers…

Here’s another compilation of horrific Black Friday shopping moments. They look like they are scattered everywhere from Target to Walmart. Starts tame and finishes with what looks like a volcano eruption of people…

And this has to be the last video for Black Friday 2012 as this is all just getting to be a bit too depressing. Honestly people, shop online!


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