Buying boots for big calves

So here’s my issue… I have wide calves. It’s not just annoying now, it’s getting super difficult and the worst part is that my “calf problem” prohibits me from buying just about 99% of the boots on planet earth. As a woman, I think perhaps nothing is more frustrating when it comes to boot shopping.  The weather is turning colder now and boots aren’t just about being fashionable, they’re also about keeping warm. So what’s a wide calf girl to do? I could either hang my head in sorrow and watch the skinny calf girls pass me by in their super fetching boots or I could find a solution. Well, a few years ago I did find the answer and I keep preaching it far and wide… DUO BOOTS!

Duo boots are all about your calves when it comes to boots. Whether you have the problem of too skinny calves or larger than life calf muscles, Duo Boots doesn’t discriminate. These guys sell their boots not only by shoe size but calf size as well. Every single season, without fail, I visit the Covent Garden store to have my calves measured and new boots ordered. I’m staring at six pairs right now as I try to decide what I’m wearing out later. Call me an addict, I don’t care. This is the first store that has allowed me to hold my head high as I wear some stylish and bloody brilliant boots out on the town without fear of losing a leg due to lack of blood circulation. 

So I just thought I’d share that if you are looking for boots for big calves or super skinny calves, there’s really only one place I’m going to send you. As you can see from the styles I’ve highlighted above, it’s worth every penny spent for these classics.


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