The best bargain jeans on the high street

As I sit here writing, I am wearing a pair of jeans that I swear might just be my favourite purchase on the high street this season.

Last weekend I went into Uniqlo to pick up a few bits and bobs as I always do around this time of year. I’m a big fan of their cashmere and puffy vests. It’s almost an annual tradition for me, popping into Uniqlo. It’s my stock store for winter staples. Anywho… I was checking out the new goods on show, while there piling up black, white and camel coloured cashmere v-necks, and I decided to take a wonder over to their massive jean wall.

Let it first be known that I have never bought jeans from Uniqlo, even after years of hearing how fabulous they are at denim. I can’t explain why I never ventured into this part of the store, I just haven’t. This was a first for me and as I sit here writing I wonder what I must have missed all these years. I am currently sitting comfortably in my Uniqlo Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans. They are a sort of dark denim that has a worn in look, which makes these beauties appear as if they have been specially treated by some of the best in the business. That may be the case, but the £29.90 price tag would make you wonder how. That being said, it’s not so much the colour of the denim that has grabbed my attention.

What has me screaming my undying devotion for this new killer denim from Uniqlo is the stretch factor. These have to be the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned, not to mention flattering. I had to try on a few sizes to get the fit correct but the end result is a pair of jeans that fits so nicely it looks like they were made specifically for my body type. That in itself is no easy task as I’m 6’2 and have a bum and thighs. I’m not your supermodel 6’2. Finding jeans for this body is not easy, so please believe me when I say that these are miracle workers. The stretch is quite simply unbelievable. I know what you are thinking… jeggings! No! Stop that thought right now. These are not jeggings. Yet, in all honesty, they are just as comfortable.

Sadly, these jeans look like they have already been discovered by the masses and I apologize, dear reader, that I’m bringing this info to you so late in the game. The online store for Uniqlo seems to have very few sizes and colour combinations still available to purchase. However, I would recommend going into store as there was a wide selection of sizes and colours available last time I popped in. Plus, these jeans do deserve a turn in the fitting room just to make sure you have the correct size.

Oh, and I’m just going to mention again that these bad boys are only £29.90. I must very guiltily admit that I bought four pairs. Hey, when something is this good you just have to, right?



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