First Look: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cook Book

Here’s your first look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cookbook. That’s right, ladies and gents, the lovely Gwyneth is sharing her “Look Good and Feel Great” recipes with the world. What’s surprising is how early on in the year we are seeing this cover and it’s pre-order link on Amazon. The book is not actually scheduled for release until the 2nd of April 2013. So a full four months before its release date, the world is placing pre-orders. Sounds to me like the publishers are thinking Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook will be as hotly anticipated as the final installment in the Harry Potter series.

So what is Mrs. Gwyneth Paltrow offering us in this hot new culinary release?

Well, Amaozn have included the following description on the pre-order page…
Gwyneth Paltrow, Academy-Award winning actress and bestselling cookbook
author, returns with recipes for the foods she eats when she wants to
lose weight, look good, and feel more energetic.Last spring,
after a particularly grueling schedule and lapse of overindulgence,
Gwyneth Paltrow was feeling fatigued and faint. A visit to her doctor
revealed that she was anemic, vitamin D deficient, and that her stress
levels were sky high. He prescribed an elimination diet to clear out her
system and help her body heal. But this meant no coffee, no alcohol, no
dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no shellfish, no deep-water fish, no wheat,
no meat, no soy, nothing processed at all! An avid foodie,
Paltrow was concerned that so many restrictions would make mealtime
boring, so, together with Julia Turshen, she compiled a collection of
185 delicious, easy recipes that followed her doctor’s guidelines. And
it worked! After changing her diet, Paltrow healed totally, felt more
energetic and looked great. Now, in IT’S ALL GOOD, she shares the go-to
dishes that have become the baseline for the restorative diet she turns
to whenever she feels she needs it. Recipes include: Huevos Rancheros,
Hummus Tartine with Scallion-Mint Pesto, Salmon Burgers with Pickled
Ginger, even Power Brownies, Banana “Ice Cream,” and more!

What’s not to love? Look good, feel great and hopefully get a body like Paltrow’s? Sound too good to be true? Well, we can’t say anything yet as we haven’t seen the book. It’s either going to be an eating regime that will have us praying for mercy or the greatest thing ever to hit the diet cook book shelf. Only time will tell and we have plenty of that to waste before we get our hands on these pages. {Amazon}


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