Why I’m not impressed with the Kate Bosworth Tophop Holiday Campaign…

For the past few days, Topshop have been running teasers for their holiday campaign asking the world “Who’s that girl?” Well, we now know who “that girl” is. It’s Kate Bosworth and she’s taking to the top of a piano to sing us all a Christmas carol a la The Fabulous Baker Boys. In the segment Topshop is calling their “first ever Christmas movie”, Kate Bosworth sings as a camera rotates around her figure, focusing now and again on details of the dress and shoes.

Let’s address said dress and shoes front and centre. First of all, you would think a high street retailer showing off a the perfect Christmas dress would allow for a “buy it now” function. Nope, not the case. You can merely “register your interest” after watching the video. In the press release we are told that both the shoes and dress will be available with a special “made-to-order”. Missed opportunity, if you ask me. Give us something we can get excited about. Give us a dress we can order now and wear to next week’s office Christmas party. This is the joy of online and digital campaigns these days… instant gratification!

All this being said, you can order Kate Bosworth’s makeup online and get it immediately. That would be grand if I could actually see what she’s got going on there for makeup. I can definitely vouch for Topshop’s makeup. I have a few pieces from previous collections and do love their products, but if you want me to purchase a whole set based on a look, let’s focus in a bit more on the finer details to really make the sale.

Now on to the fact that Topshop are hoping Kate Bosworth’s Winter Wonderland will be number one on the download charts for iTunes. While I do believe the song is not “bad,” I won’t be adding it to the iPod and it seems I am not alone. The responses on Youtube, since the posting of the video at 12:01am this morning, have been somewhat disheartening when it comes to reviewing Kate Bosworth’s vocal talents.

TheJadePixi writes:
“Stunning girl and fabulous cinematography/directorship … but you
REALLY should have dubbed over her voice. It’s appallingly
underwhelming, at best.”

Lady10031 writes:
“don’t know what all the fuss is about, kate is stunning but singing is not her forte- poor effort topshop”

Frankly, I’m a bit let down by the Topshop campaign, as you could probably tell by this post. I felt the teasers had more soul than the actual big reveal. Kate Bosworth is an amazing talent and Topshop, well, they are the big boys on the high street. The pairing of the two parties would make anyone expect instant fireworks. Instead, we have a short music video being marketed as a film with more emphasis on downloads than clothing sales. It just all seems too strange for words…


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