Dear Leading Ladies of Twitter… it’s time for a change…

Dear Ladies,

Over the past couple of months I have been amazed at some of the messages that have been blasted across twitter from a few of the you who are the most followed females on the social network. You are women that have 21, 27, or even as many as 33 million followers. One must believe that your followers are from all age groups and all walks of life. These people follow you for any number of reasons but we have to imagine that a great many followers choose to read all your tweets because they look up to you. In choosing your profession, you have been given the chance to play role model to millions. You may not have directly chosen this title, but with the limelight comes certain responsibilities.

However, some of you are acting as anything but role models today. Sharing images of drugs, nudity and debaucherous acts are only the beginning and truly these are bad enough in themselves. But then there’s the over the top catty behaviour that involves attacking other celebrities online, acting as a bully and encouraging your followers to do the same. Surely if you have the eyes and ears of millions, you would understand the power you have. You would comprehend that each and every 140 character tweet has the power to do amazing things, but also has an equal power in doing great harm. For those leading ladies on twitter who tweet pictures of drug induced madness and then follow it with an image of, let’s say, a bible verse, the good deed does not negate the bad. You know who you are.

Wake up and smell the coffee, ladies. You are amongst a select group of women that have an opportunity to champion something amazing. You can spread a message far and wide that can change the way in which one person or a million people may lead their lives today. If you have been presented with such a gift, why have you not taken the chance to use it?

I honestly don’t mean to preach at this point. If anything, I hope this reaches those of us that follow these ladies, and make us re-think our “follow.” Should this reach the leading ladies of twitter, may I encourage you to apply a filter to your fingers and check your aggressions at the door as you enter the cyber universe. Be thankful for the position you have been given in life and pay it forward. Act as an example for many and remember that you are talking to an audience of teenage girls who are looking to you as an example of how to lead their own lives.

Thanks for listening and happy tweeting…

Readers – If you would like to recommend twitter users that have inspired you and continually prove themselves as a noteworthy addition to your twitter feed, please do share with us by commenting below…

Images: All images used above are taken from twitter shares from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.


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