Jennifer Lawrence covers Vanity Fair February 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair cover

Jennifer Lawrence’s Vanity Fair February 2013 cover is the favourite cover so far for the year. Yes, I am aware that we are only two days into the New Year, but if this cover is any indication of things to come I’d like to predict a banner year for glossies.

So why is it that we love this Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair cover so much? Well, let’s start with the fact that she looks blissfully happy. When was the last time you saw a cover model with a smile on her face? It doesn’t happen often. In fact, the last time we really saw a run of these was in the 1980’s. It’s refreshing to see someone who looks like she is enjoying herself rather than a model looking like she’d murder a cheeseburger if given the chance. Also, Lawrence looks relaxed and natural. Her hair has been given a great blowdry and the makeup artist has worked wonders in making her look as if she is wearing minimal coverage. Overall, it’s a cover that will blow all others off the shelves this week. Bravo, Vanity Fair.


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