Kate Middleton’s Official Royal Portrait Revealed

Kate Middleton and hubby, Prince William, made their way over to the Royal Portrait Gallery this morning for the big reveal of Kate’s first official royal portrait. This is a big moment, people. No, this wasn’t a big moment, for most, because of the picture hanging on the wall of our lovely Duchess of Cambridge. All eyes were actually elsewhere, on baby bump watch. Only, there wasn’t a bump to be seen, which of course left most photographers in a right funk. Patience, boys and girls. Kate Middleton will reveal her pregnancy style all in good time.

While we may not entirely agree with the “beauty” of this portrait, as it seems to age our dear Duchess ten years, we are proud to celebrate a big day in the life of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton takes another step towards officially becoming a part of the Royal furniture.

Portrait of Kate Middleton by Paul Emsley


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