Another features Michelle Williams looking more glam than ever in a sweatshirt and barefoot

Hold the phone… if I have said previously that I had a favourite magazine cover for 2013, I’d like to wipe the slate clean and declare a new cover love. Another Magazine have featured Michelle Williams on their latest cover and it is mindblowingly beautiful. One wouldn’t expect that a cover of a movie star wearing a sweatshirt with ripped jeans and no shoes would warrant such a reaction.

However, there is something so beautiful about this natural attire and relaxed pose. It has me wondering if they hadn’t made Michelle Williams up and then had her sit for a test shot, only to discover this was the magic covers are made of. You can just see them saying, “Ditch the Dior, we’re going for relaxed glamour.”  Her face may be made up and she may be wearing a rather elaborate hat, but this is the most natural I have ever seen Michelle Williams look on a cover shoot. I absolutely love it.


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