Carolina Herrera brings back the idea of “dressing” for the occasion

Carolina Herrera‘s show has always been a favourite. I find her designs are keeping the old ways of fashion alive. When I say the “old ways”, I mean the way in which women used to “dress” for every occasion. There was such ceremony around dressing in finery for dinner, a movie or even a plane ride. In an age where most people travel in track suits or come to dinner in jeans and a t-shirt, you can see where this is an art form.

For autumn winter 2013, Herrera carries on with her sophisticated elegance. The runway showcased numerous textures from big furry coats to wrap coats with delicate embroidery. Yet there was a common theme of “reservation” throughout. There was barely any skin at all on show, whereas other designers have tummies, thighs and arms fully exposed for the season. Carolina Herrera has us buttoned up from chin to toenail with an occasionally calf making an appearance. Even with the evening gowns, Herrera shows off a bit more skin but remains classy and covered up for the most part.

While the collection may not be for everyone, Carolina Herrara traditionally never has been. This is a designer that caters to a  certain “set.” But be warned, once you get hooked it’s very difficult to release yourself from the Herrera spell.


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