Is Michelle Obama covering the March Issue of American Vogue?

Several fashion news sources this week are reporting that there is a second Michelle Obama Vogue cover in the works. The Washingtonian tells us that Vogue camera crews were seen going into the White House earlier this week to set up shop for a shoot with The First Lady. Yes, this does seem like a reason to believe that Michelle Obama will appear in the magazine, maybe even on the cover. However, there really isn’t much more to indicate when or where these photos will appear. In this day and age, Vogue photographers could be shooting for a cover, an editorial piece or even a piece of online action. So let’s not hold our breaths just yet.

Now there are a few pieces of the story that don’t work out, further to the instant conclusion that Vogue is in residence to shoot a cover. First of all, it is suggested that this is in fact for a March cover. Well, that just ain’t true. The March cover will be will us in a matter of weeks and we’ve heard it’s already claimed by another. Surely the highly organized folks over at Vogue aren’t leaving a shoot to the very last moment. So if it is a cover story we’ll be placing our bets for an arrival in late spring or early summer.

Also, who’s to say that it is in fact Annie Leibovitz shooting the cover? Sure, she’s a Vogue favourite and photographed Michelle Obama for her 2009 Vogue Cover debut, but does that automatically mean she’s the only one in the running for the next shoot? They must have a “safe source” feeding them info with this intel, but I like to daydream about a Mario Testino sort of shoot. Wouldn’t you just love to picture Mario in residence at the White House?

Either way, we’ll know soon enough who’s right and wrong as the March covers are rolling out from this week…

Bottom line here… expect an issue of Vogue to feature The First Lady in the foreseeable future.

Oh, and we forgot to mention there’s a chance President Obama may be joining her in said photos. Just thought we’d throw that in last minute to make sure you’re reading right through to the end here.


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