Alexander McQueen dress featured in Hunger Games portrait of Effie Trinket

A new installment of The Hunger Games is coming. This time it’s Catching Fire that’s set to take ticket sale records and break them from here to Timbuktu. But ahead of the movie release, of course we have the build up. Where does fashion come into this? Well, the official character portraits are being revealed this week and one portrait in particular has grabbed our attention.

Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, is sitting pretty in a dress we are all too familiar with. She’s wearing one of the signature dresses from the Alexander McQueen autumn winter 2012 collection. It’s pink, it’s fluffy,it’s surreal and it’s definitely McQueen, as you can see from the catwalk image we’ve placed alongside it.

This isn’t the first time that Alexander McQueen has been featured in The Hunger Games trilogy. It seems to be a designer favourite as Effie also wore Alexander McQueen shoes in the first movie. You won’t hear us complaining. Who doesn’t love a bit of high end identifiable fashion on the big screen?

Images: Capitol Couture /


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