American Eagle Outfitters introduce the Skinny Skinny Spray on Jean

Who doesn’t love a good viral video? And even better is a viral video in which a brand takes the opportunity to make fun of themselves. That’s why today, we’re featuring a new favourite from American Eagle Outfitters. The brand is known for their affordable denim and have championed the skinny jean from the moment the trend took hold a few years back. Since the skinny jean made it’s debut, it seems the jeans have become skinnier and skinnier with each passing season. We’re now to the point where four way stretch leaves very little to the imagination as far as skin clinging is concerned. So, American Eagle Outfitters saw an opportuinty for some comedic relief in this time of second skin denim trending. Bring on the Skinny Skinny, a spray on denim, which is a new “Skintight technology” from the brand. Of course this isn’t real. The product is listed on the site for $49.95, however when you go to purchase you’ll quickly receive a message informing you that the Skinny Skinny jean has sold out. How unfortunate. Although, I can imagine there were actually a few people that would buy this in reality.

American Eagle Outfitters may think they are only telling a good joke here with their Skinny Skinny Spray on Jean, but this might seriously be where the future of fashion lies. We are so obsessed with showing it all off with next to nothing spandex one has to wonder why we both with fabric at all? Do I even need to place a Lululemon joke here?


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