Apparently Heidi Klum eats lots of burgers and fries

Carl’s Jr. is famous for enlisting the world’s most beautiful women to star in their cheeseburger commercials. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Upton has had a turn at chowing down on a big beef burger for the small screen. Now, Carl’s Jr have turned to Heidi Klum to help them promote their latest handful of hamburger. Klum reenacts a famous scene from The Graduate, with a twist. This time the scene’s all about seduction by cheeseburger. In this behind-the-scenes look at the commerical, Klum tells us that she herself is a big fan of the chain as she indulges in a lot of burgers and fries. While we’d love to believe her, there is a part of us screaming “bullsh*t” at that particular statement.


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