Death by chocolate and cheesecake, thank you Gu Puds

I’ve been Gu-ed. While that doesn’t sound like the most glamourous phrase, I can certainly vouch for it being the tastiest. Last week, the day before I started my low-carb regime in preparation for spring summer, a chilled package arrived for pickup at FFG. Seems Gu had plans for me to officially say adios to sugar by overloading on the stuff! It’s the tenth anniversary for the brand and to celebrate they sent me a selection of puds. There was everything from the famous chocolate torte to the new cheesecake (which was so amazing I ate both puds in one go… please, don’t judge me… one bite for yourself and you’d understand how it led to such glutenous behaviour). So a massive thank you to Gu for supplying me with the greatest sugar rush this year. It was a moment of complete bliss! Happy Birthday Gu. It’s ten years for you and now ten more pounds for me to lose! {Gu Puds}


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