Finding my miracle in a bottle for creating hair volume, thank you Fudge!

When it comes to hair products I feel like I’ve gone through everything lately. My hair is at the long stages… and I mean long! So it is just sort of hanging on my head when I do a simple blow dry and not much more. I really have to make an effort in the morning to do anything at all and trust me when I say I don’t have the time these days to be making an effort. Mix sheer exhaustion with a rather rough fall in Stockholm that’s left my shoulder barely moving, and you have one highly unmotivated hair stylist here.

That all being said, I feel as if I’ve just sort of been waiting for a miracle to land in my lap in some form. Perhaps it was winning the lottery and getting a hairdresser to do my hair every morning in the flat? Or maybe I should just go see a doctor and sort out this rough shoulder? Seems the universe had another sort of miracle planned for me. On Wednesday afternoon I received a package from Fudge that had all their hair products used on the runway this season at fashion week. Mr. FFG usually steals these from me straight away as he’s obsessed with their products. However, there was one canister I was determined to claim as my own- Fudge Root Juice. I had seen a video of this product in action and what it did for volume really did seem unbelievable.

On Thursday morning I put Fudge Root Juice to the test. I washed, conditioned and towel dried my hair. I then divided it into sections and sprayed the foam onto the roots, and only the roots, in eight different parts. I combed, turned on the dryer and brushed the roots through as I blew each section out. When I was done, I tipped my head back over to find, and I kid you not, my hair was twice the size it usually is. If volume is what you are looking for ladies, look no further. This stuff truly is a miracle worker. I don’t usually review hair products so you know I mean business in recommending this fantastic product.

A few hints for those of you running out to purchase. First, make sure you don’t put too much on your roots. A simple squirt is enough. If you overload you will see some problems with “producty” hair. Also, make sure you do use a brush to dry the hair. You will see that this gives you that gorgeous bombshell appearance. And last but not least, make sure you are ready to work it as this gives some serious va-va-voom!


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