Jason Wu’s Grand Tourista Tote is my travel companion on this morning’s flight

As you’re reading this I’ll be way up high, flying through the sky. I’m on my way to New York City (to find out why check out FFG’s Twitter or Instagram). As I sail through the clouds I have a trusty new bag by my side. I’m not sure if you remember, but a few months ago I wrote about the fabulous collaboration between Jason Wu and St. Regis Hotels. The two had come together to make beautiful handbag magic. That’s at least what was promised in the press release but I didn’t want to get anyone too excited until we’d seen the actual product. Well the product’s here and it’s worth shouting about.

Not only is Wu’s bag fabulously stylish, it’s also one of the roomiest totes I’ve yet to use. And just to show it’s ability to “tote,” here’s what I’ll be filling it with for my flight to New York City.  After I finished putting together my pile of stuff, I was sure I was going to need a bigger carry-on. However,  I managed to get everything in with plenty of room to spare. Hence, this little ditty. I was so impressed I felt the need to share.

So here’s the Jason Wu’s Grand Tourista Tote in all it’s glory…. I am one smitten kitten!


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