Reader Questions Answered: Why do you never see negative reviews on FFG?

I want to address a topic head on this morning about FFG and
reviews. As you know, the site does more than just fashion news. We also
recommend great bargains for clothing, try certain products for health and
beauty as well as travel to spots around the globe for travel pieces.While all of the above sounds glamourous, and
I won’t lie and tell you it isn’t, a lot of it is still massive hard work. The
reviews still have to written, the pictures need to be edited, every aspect of
your life becomes a possible story and at the end of the day there is no line
drawn in the sand between a life that is your own and one that is led to
provide content for your readers. In short, I am well aware of how lucky I am
to be actively participating in such an amazing wave for bloggers.

That all being said, I was quite intrigued by an email I received
this morning from an avid follower. A valid question was asked and it was one
that I wanted to address in a public forum. The question was: Why do I never
read negative reviews on FFG? Isn’t the point of journalism to provide a look
at both the good and the bad in luxury?
To this I of course replied, “fair
” and I then asked if she would mind if I took the question public for
all to read the answer, just in case some of you might have the same burning

To be honest, I made a choice when I started this blog. I
worked in PR for ten years and was so used to reading pieces from journalists
that were looking for the controversial angle that I felt as if I was always
reading stories written to either stir emotions or just downright depress us
all about the current state of the world. When I founded FFG I made a deal with
myself that I would try to avoid this sort of “emotion” at all costs. I signed
a contract with myself to park as many negative vibes as possible
outside the FFG online space.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, it means there is a
lotyou don’t see. I would say that in a
given week I partake in about a dozen activities that are for review. Whether
this is a product trial, a restaurant review or a trip outside of the country,
they are all done with the idea that a review will go up on Fashion Foie Gras.
That being said, I think if you flick back through the weekly posts you will
see that there are never more than four to six stories that are based on
personal reviews and the rest are posts driven purely by fashion news that have
nothing to do with a personal interaction with the brand. What I hope you take
this to mean is that I heavily curate what I bring to the blog. I would never
want to recommend anything to you that I would not use every day myself.

I’ve become better at knowing what will work and what won’t
and I’d say about 30% of my day is made up of answering emails from brands
asking for space on the site through a product review or some sort of sponsored
post. At the end of the day, one must
remember that Fashion Foie Gras is a business. However, I have made the
decision that I am in the business of pleasing my readers. That’s the long term
plan. If that involves saying “no” to big brands because they aren’t the right
fit, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m willing to do that.

So to bring it all back around to the original question at
how, why no negative reviews, I’d say it’s not only to keep a positive vibe
around the blog, it’s also to make sure we are spending time talking about the
things that do work and less time dwelling on the things that don’t. That doesn’t mean you won’t find some constructive criticism. There is a bit of that here and there, in both news stories and reviews. It can’t all be miracles and macarons, right?

My promise to you, loyal reader, is to remain true. And, of
course, at any point if you feel that is slipping or if you want to question my
motives I always encourage you to do so. While FFG has grown, I like to think I’m
sticking to my guns on the original ideas behind the site. This is a site for YOU,
but it’s been the most exciting project yet for ME. Should any of those factors
change, well then I suppose it won’t be Fashion Foie Gras anymore. Until that
day of burnout (let’s hope it’s not in the too near future), I hope you’ll
enjoy being on this incredible “positive” journey with me.

Happy Easter, all!


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