Taylor Swift addresses the man rumours, covers Vanity Fair April 2013

Taylor Swift is America’s sweetheart and has been now for quite sometime. However, as of late she’s fallen a bit from her state of grace as she’s been pictured with every bachelor in Hollywood. It seems every other minute Miss Swift is out with a new boy and the tabloids do a good job of making her out to be more interested in the hot men walking the globe than in being the good ole girl next door. However, Swift is addressing the issue head on in this month’s Vanity Fair.

The cover star talks about everything from her love of Katie Couric to the fact that every man she is pictured with becomes a man she’s dating. In fact, she tells us that she’s only had two boyfriends over the past two years. Nothing strange about that, folks.

Now on to the cover shot of Taylor Swift. Is it just me or does this look like it could have been shot years ago? She still looks so young, or perhaps that’s just the magic of photographer Peter Lindbergh.


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