The Magical Ralph Lauren Mansion in Manhattan

Walking into the Ralph Lauren Mansion on Madison Avenue is like entering another dimension. You do truly feel as if you have entered into a world where only the finest things in life are acceptable. There is decadence to these marbles floors and white walls. Every corner you turn reveals a new look of luxury and every floor you ascend draws you closer into the Ralph Lauren fold. This, folks, is my ideal way of life. And the glory of the Mansion on Madison is the way in which the space makes you feel as if you have come home. How the masters at Ralph Lauren have managed to do this, I have no clue. But one must appreciate the way in which they make the most luxurious world feel attainable. While my mind was taking mental pictures to save for a rainy day, my camera was only truly managing to capture a fraction of the magic contained within these walls.

{Ralph Lauren, 888 Madison Avenue, New York, New York}


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