Swarovski’s biggest statement yet at Basel World 2013

Last month I started telling people I would be visiting Basel World in Switzerland with Swarovski. The reaction I received was unparallelled. Little did I know that Basel World is considered by most to be THE event of the year when it comes to watches (and jewellery as well, as of late) and here I was invited to see it before anyone else. Close friends in the industry warned me of the wow factor and started quoting the outstanding number of man hours, not to mention money, that goes into creating this annual event. Basel World 2013 seems to have taken previous ideas about the event and blown them to smithereens. Apparently this is the biggest fair yet and, judging by the reactions of the press today, by far the best one to date.

However, should there be a winner when it comes to displays, there is one brand that definitely takes the cake. Keeping in mind there are waterfalls, sand displays, wind machines, gardens and entire restaurants built into brand exhibition spaces, it’s tough to take the grand prize here at Basel World 2013. There is a trophy winner though and the recipient is without a doubt Swarovski. I’m not just saying that because Swarovski flew me out to the event and put me up in a fabulous hotel, introduced me to wonderful people and were sweet as pie. True, that would sway the average attendee should they be in my shoes. However, no one can argue that when it comes to visual displays, all eyes are on Swarovski at the Basel World 2013 fair.  From the minute you exit the escalator, the reflections of light that bounce from the 250,000 reflectors on the Swarovski wall lure you in. You’re unable to resist and the fun doesn’t stop there. From the glass cabinets holding everything from new beautiful watch designs to the latest jewellery from Swarovski, this is eye candy if I ever saw it.

Should the alluring watches and statement necklaces leave you a little faint, there are two rooms where you may find solace on the ground floor of the Swarovski space. Did I mention the space is 2,000 square meters on two levels? These rooms are not without the Swarovski touch. Crystallized chairs, chandeliers, cushions and champagne glasses decorate the space. You cannot escape the Swarovski stamp.

Basel World 2013 is an experience that I will not soon forget (and I have more to say so stay tuned). Thank you to Swarovski for playing host for 24 hours in Switzerland and exposing me to the best watch fairs have to offer. I think I’ll feel awfully sad as I walk into my flat in London tomorrow and realize I do not live in a crystallized world. Time to call in the Swarovski designers…


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