And now… Blogger Reality TV… yes, this is happening

Huge news this morning in the world of blogs… Refinery 29, one of the world’s leading fashion blogs, has just announced their reality TV showThe Real 29. Come on, folks. We knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Speaking as a blogger, I must say that the drama that goes down in this world sometimes makes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills look pathetic in comparison. So what can you expect? Well, Refinery 29 tells us to expect “weekly production{s} featuring the daily dramas, hijinks, triumphs, and challenges that go down at HQ every day.”

I’m just going to come out and say it… this is going to be a hit. We’re reality obsessed and Refinery 29 are the first to give a behind the scenes look at how blogs work. So this means not only will the general public be tuning in, but also everyone in the industry that wants to get a better look at how the blogging world operates.

A huge congrats to Refinery 29! We’re looking forward to the weekly updates.

Get a first look at the series here.


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