Another glossy down, More! Magazine UK announces suspension of publication

In glossy news, More! Magazine announced today that it would be officially suspended from this week. The UK based weekly title did not initially state on the website why they would be shuttering, merely stating they were suspending publication. As we figured enquiring minds would like to know why, we emailed the PR at Bauer Media and received an official comment from Bauer Media’s Chief Executive Paul Keenan:

The prospect of continuing challenging economic conditions has led us to reach this decision as the title has become unviable.

I greatly appreciate the outstanding efforts of Chantelle Horton and her talented more! team and Im sure that everyone who has worked on more! over the years  many of whom have gone on to build fantastic careers – will be sorry to hear this news. more!s sense of fun, cheekiness and irreverence will be missed.

So there you have it. It’s “unviable.” The title, which has a 25 year history in the UK, had a weekly readership of over 90,000. 


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