Do bloggers steal front row seats at fashion week?

This morning in WWD there is an article titled “Five Fingers, Front Row.” It’s an article all about the thieving that goes on during fashion week from front row goody bags. Apparently in London there are a team of trained professionals that sneak under seats when it’s dark and raid goody bags of everything from candles to hair gels. While I did find this amusing, as I’ve seen it with my very own eyes, I also found myself aggravated by one quote that an anonymous publicist contributed to the article. She states, “Sometimes these people just plunk themselves in the front row and you
know they don’t belong there because they don’t make eye contact with
you. Among the worst offenders are the freelance stylists’ assistants
and the bloggers.

Well, I have to be honest here. The majority of the bloggers I’ve seen front row actually were invited to sit there. Sure, when this idea of inviting bloggers to shows began, there were the few who braved the embarrassment of being caught and shot forward to the front row. Now, however, years down the line, it’s not the bloggers I see getting chucked off the front row. More often than not the people making the move to front and centre are those folks that didn’t have tickets in the first place and snuck in god only knows how.

There is a point to my bringing this up. There have been a lot of brushes out lately painting bloggers with a less than stellar existence. While I believe most of us are “used to it” by now, it does become a tad bit annoying when we are all lumped together as people who cheat our way forward in life. I’ve heard more than once recently, from people I respect, that bloggers at fashion week are more an annoyance than anything else. For those of us that take this whole business seriously, it’s down right annoying to hear such remarks. Those sort of comments burn, yet do a great deal in making me, personally, work even harder. Sure there are bad apples in the bunch, but then again I do believe every part of fashion has those bad apples. It’s just so much more fun to poke the bloggers with the hot stick.

Bottom line, I do believe we’ve entered an era where singling out bloggers, as a whole, as a hindrance in this process will do nothing but display the fact that you have lost touch with how the industry is changing and growing every season.


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