Online retailer ASOS leads the pack with catwalk view

I was asked the other day about the greatest move forward in fashion retail. What seemed like a difficult question was one of the easiest to answer. It didn’t take long for me to respond, as for the past few years there has been one advancement in retail that has continually left me floored. The company responsible – ASOS.

ASOS has taken online shopping and transformed it into a surf couching art form. I quite honestly do not have the will power to visit their site and leave again without having completed a purchase. The reason I bring this up now has everything to do with the reason I continually shop the site. My biggest seller, and what I believe to be the greatest move forward for fashion retail, is the ASOS catwalk view.

I am continually shocked by the amount of people that do not even know this function exists. If you are one of these folks, allow me to blow your mind.

Long gone are the days of simple flat images of products. ASOS allow you to watch a short video of your selected product walking down a runway. For those of you that regularly buy online, you will understand that this is quite possibly one of the best features that can exist when considering the purchase of a garment. You are able to better understand how long the garment is, how it moves as you move and, ultimately, make a better judgement call on whether or not this piece will work for your body shape. It speaks volumes on the pros and cons of your potential purchase. In fact, ASOS’s honesty with the catwalk has led me to both “put back” and purchase items. It’s an equal exercise in both customer service and selling power.

I have no doubt that as retail sales online continue to grow, we will see other brands follow the ASOS package. Of course there are other funky applications in the works, such as being able to actually put yourself in the garment online or sharing outfits with friends for prior approval before purchasing. While these technologies develop, we’ll be trying them all. For now, however, I’m sticking with ASOS as the retail leader of the pack and the site that is responsible for way too many digits on my credit card bill each month.

{PS. ASOS 70% seasonal sale is on… just sayin’}


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