Playing Makeup with Giorgio Armani

Two weeks ago I sat in wonder as I observed the most youthful face in Hollywood speak with style and grace. Whether or not you believe the rumours of surgery when it comes to this personality, one cannot argue the fact that her features are absolutely flawless, in part because of a talented makeup artist behind the scenes. It got me thinking… perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel and make an effort when it comes to covering up the toll time has taken on my face. I’ve spoken about preventative care. I use four creams now that help me fight the effects of natural ageing and, in some cases, turn back the clock a wee bit. However, for those permanent new editions to my face – age spots, eye wrinkles, discolourations, bumpy texture from sun damage, etc- one has to turn to makeup to assist with coverage. 

I have, for the most part, avoided makeup like the plague. I have lived in fear of looking like one of those women that has quite literally covered her face in a mask of product. I feel some women have so many layers of makeup on their face that you could actually dig your finger into it like play-doh. Lovely thought, right? Well, that’s what I would like to avoid at all cost.

So as I’m sitting in front of this Hollywood personality, I am thinking I really need to find out how I can get this natural look without too much effort and while maintaining skin that looks fresh and dewy.  As if the universe itself were listening in on my deepest desires, an email arrives in my inbox from Giorgio Armani. It’s a company I have worked with for fashion but never before for makeup. In all honesty, It hadn’t even registered that they had a division for beauty. The PR was inviting me to come in and meet with a makeup specialist who would match me perfectly for a new release of makeup aimed at helping women achieve a natural look. Now tell me this isn’t fate? 

Of course I said yes and the week after I made the trek to Selfridges to meet with one of the Giorgio Armani makeup artists on the counter there in store. Time for an admission here – I haven’t sat at a makeup counter for a makeover since I was 13 and my mother was taking me for my first makeover at our local Belks in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, it’s been a while. However, it seems things haven’t really changed, except for the new developments in makeup. 

I won’t try and wax lyrical about the wonders of the Giorgio Armani makeup because undoubtedly I will fail miserably. Instead, I will say that as far as makeup brands go, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to creating a flawless face. One must believe that the Armani team have put as much effort into their cosmetics collections as Giorgio himself puts into every runway collection. From primer to the final brush with blusher, it’s a complete package that can take you from full of faults to flawless in under fifteen minutes. 

So here’s my recommendation, get the to an Armani counter if you are hopelessly lost when it comes to creating a face that is as flawless as a silk evening gown from Giorgio Armani. I left the makeup chair with that glowing natural Park Avenue Princess look I’ve always longed for. Now the true test will be recreating the look at home every morning. Wish me luck. At least I have all the tools needed to make the attempt. 


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