Pretending my living room exists in the Ralph Lauren Mansion, 888 Madison Avenue

For anyone that’s ever stepped into a Ralph Lauren store, you will know what I’m talking about when I say that from the moment you walk into the space it feels as if you have entered a universe so very far away from your own. It’s a world where luxury is worked into every corner. It’s a collection of square meters that make you believe you too have a house in the Hamptons, a yacht at sea and a polo pony waiting to be admired. Ralph Lauren sells a lifestyle. For me, the rose coloured Ralph glasses are officially in place as soon I take in the air around the RL shop.  The scent is like no other on the planet. I am transfixed from the first whiff and I feel as if I’ve come home, only it’s truly a dream home… the home of Ralph Lauren.

Last month I was in New York for a special project with Ralph Lauren that led me into the famous Ralph Lauren Mansion on 888 Madison Avenue. I snapped away with both my phone and camera. I wondered in and out of rooms filled with everything from shoes to sofas. Then, I spotted the most delightful box. A grey and white square sat atop a glass cabinet with a burning candle set in front. I had spotted the 888 Madison candle from Ralph Lauren. This is the signature scent that fills the store and it’s available to purchase. You had to know I wasn’t going to live my life without this little box of glory. So here I am, in London town, with my Ralph Lauren candle burning as I pretend my own digs are as luxurious as what I discovered at 888 Madison Avenue.


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