Robert Redford’s still got it, covers Esquire May 2013

Over the past few days I’ve run across the new Esquire cover for May 2013 probably a dozen times. Each and every time the cover causes me to crack a smile. It’s Robert Redford starring back at me after all. And here’s where I found myself asking whether or not this cover story would be a relevant piece to share with you all, dear readers. After all, Esquire is a men’s magazine and I have it on good authority that the majority of you are female readers. That being said, this morning as I once again greeted Redford on my local newsstand, I finally saw a reason to share this cover with you all.

Let me start by saying that Robert Redford was well into his sixties before I discovered him as my all time favourite American heartthrob. I watched The Way We Were, where Redford plays the irresistible college hunk that falls for his rather awkward yet fiercely intelligent co-star Barbra Streisand. From moment one I was sold as this man being my life-long crush. In fact, I have often said to Mr. FFG that he doesn’t have much to worry about in the cheating department with me as the only man I would ever leave him for would be Robert Redford circa 1973.

So that brings me to why I’m sharing. Well, while this is a fantastic cover of a handsome man that has aged gracefully and gorgeously, my sharing is actually in part to convince you to watch an all-American classic. I realise that you, readers, come from all different generations. And I feel as if I would be doing you all a great disservice if I didn’t recommend immediately that you rent (or even buy) and watch The Way We Were. I believe some of the world’s greatest movies are the ones which were made during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and this is a romance that transcends all generations. So that’s me putting in my two cents for a movie recommendation for the weekend. Thanks, Esquire, for jogging my memory!


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