Why are we obsessed with Cara Delevingne?

These days you can’t turn a city corner without coming face to face with Miss Cara Delevingne, whether it’s on the cover of a magazine or on a billboard, this young lady is everywhere. Normally, with a quick rise to fame the general public likes to push you down as speedily as possible. However, in this case, it seems the world of fashion and beyond has nothing but love for this creature.  So what’s so different about Cara Delevingne? What makes her the exception to the rule?

Let’s start by running through where you might have spotted the model in the past six months. Please excuse the fact that I can’t list everything as it would take up way too much space and time to read through. But here’s a brief resume of her recent work. She walked more catwalks for SS13 and AW13 than any other model that we could find; she’s appeared in campaigns for Chanel, Zara, H&M, Burberry and, most recently, DKNY; she’s covered more magazines than we could possibly list but let’s just say it would include all the big guns; she won 2012 model of the year at The British Fashion Awards; and she is the latest addition to the Victoria’s Secret Angel squad, having walked in the 2012 show in New York. See what I mean about her being absolutely everywhere?

So why is it that we love her so? I have a theory and it goes a little something like this. The world of fashion has become way too serious these days. It’s all about image, no surprise there, but in a way lately that has too many people overthinking how they will be perceived by the world at large. Well, I think Cara couldn’t care less. One look at her Twitter and Instagram accounts will tell you all you need to know. The model is routinely sharing photos of herself in big furry animal onesies. When not posing like a jungle cat, she’s pulling faces that only a beauty like Cara could truly get away with. And the madness doesn’t stop with her own images. Cara also steals the show in acting like a complete goofball on the streets after runways where she poses like someone that takes this world about as seriously as a bowl of Fruit Loops.

The bottom line here is that Care Delevingne is a breath of fresh air in a world where things have become a bit stuffy. She’s shaking things up and she’s pulling in all generations as a support network. You better love this face as it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  For now, and possibly forever, we find ourselves sporting “Team Cara” shirts, in a matter of speaking.

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