Going Nude for my daily moisturiser

Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about miracle serums, skin tighteners and magical elixirs that are all new to the market. It occurred to me, however, that I haven’t really talked about the most basic essential- the must have daily moisturiser. Since March I have been using Nude’s Replish Daily Moisturiser. If ever there were a product that makes you feel as if your skin is quite literally taking a drink, this here’s your hero product. Add to that the fact that it smells absolutely divine and you have a happy combination. 

Frankly speaking, most products that I’ve tested over the last year have caused less than desirable reactions and the overall experience of the product has been a let down. Some will smell great but cause a breakout, others will smell more foul than my neighbour’s trash on a Tuesday, but do the trick when it comes to providing your skin with that baby soft texture. Let’s just say, when you can find a combination of lovely smell and above average results for skin texture and appearance, it’s a winner in my mind.

Since using Nude’s Replenish Daily Moisturiser, I have had zero problems with dry skin. Even after spending three days in the sun in Greece and getting burnt to a crisp, my skin did not peel. I owe this entirely to the twice daily application of Nude to keep the flaky after-sun skin at bay. I’m a peeler and this is literally the first time I have been able to completely avoid that embarrassing muddled tan due to overexposure to the sun. Don’t worry, I’m well aware of the risks, so park the need to lecture me on spending too much time in the sun. I live in England so don’t see it often enough. 

So what the heck makes this product tick? Well, it’s overflowing with nutrients that help to hydrate, moisturise and turn back the unforgiving hands of time. It’s also free of all those nasty things you don’t need in a skincare that so many people are insisting on providing these days. So all in, it’s the perfect product.

Available to purchase from Sephora for $58 in the USA and from Nude for £46 in the UK.


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