Kate Upton’s first American Vogue cover

Kate Upton has scored her first American Vogue cover. The blonde bombshell is taking us back to the age of the real supermodel, remember back in the nineties when curves were coveted and a beautiful face won over all? Thank you, Vogue, for bringing a real model back to the cover. Could this be the first step towards leaving stick insects behind and embracing a model more of us can identify with? Somehow I doubt it… but it’s a step forward, nonetheless. Oh, and that’s Dolce & Gabbana she’s sporting there… the kings of dressing curves. {www.vogue.com}

Note: For those offended by the term “stick insects”… I am in fact addressing those women who do in fact starve themselves to meet a certain criteria in the industry. I know this does not apply to all models. Some are blessed with being naturally thin. However, there is a real problem in the industry with women hurting themselves to fit the mold. This is not imagined. I have seen it first hand and when a fifteen-year-old explains to me that she is eating cotton balls to stay full so she can be thin enough to keep booking catwalks, to me that means we have a real problem. 


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