Shoes to take away the Monday Blues: ASOS Hipster Heels

Mondays are the worst. You’re back at work, sitting at your desk while the sun is shining outside and the weekend seems all too far away. Never fear, Fashion Foie Gras is hear with something to take away the Monday blues and it comes in the for of shoes!

ASOS released the Hipster heel this past week and it’s definitely a shoe to lift spirits. For some reason it has us wanting to do the Charleston in a flapper dress… blame Great Gatsby. Anywho, the shoe’s only £40 and it’s worth every penny for showing off some fantastic footwork. So order up for arrival on time for the mid-week slump and you’ll have some fancy shoes to show off for the weekend ahead… we promise it isn’t as far away as it seems! {ASOS Hipster Heel}


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