Summer Shape-Up: Barrecore London for the Hard-core Londoner

A few friends of mine have been chatting about this Barrecore business for sometime now. Basically they were screaming and shouting about how it turned your core into a rock solid beautiful centre piece. I hummed and hawed and more or less wondered how hard an exercise class could be. What ever happened to just running after work?

Present day Londoners seem to favour the “go hard or go home” mentality when it comes to working out these days and there are more and more classes popping up around town in studios and less people slaving away at the gym or outside on their own. Why spend two hours in a gym working your tail off when an hour session with some of the toughest trainers in London will do the trick? Well, that’s the thinking anyway…

So I decided to stop sitting and listening to those who were going on about how great these classes are and instead stand up, sport the spandex and jump in on the fun. Again, Barrecore seemed to the one studio I was hearing about the most so it was first on the list.

Let me start by saying that Barrecore will actually give you a hard core… but be prepared to go hardcore. I started out in the class, that looked more like a ballerina studio than a workout studio, with the impression that the entire thing would be a breeze and I’d go and sip some Starbucks after as a reward for hard work done. Well, I’m just going to come right out and say that by minute eight I was pretty sure I was going to have trouble making it down the stairs, let alone into an establishment for a hot drink.

I’d like to be able to do a thorough review here and tell you the exercises we did and how they worked my body, but most of it’s a blur of pain and a great sense of accomplishment at the finish. Ok, I can feel some of you getting scared. When I say “pain,” I mean it in a good way. Any workout junkie will tell you that pain, or rather soreness, is always a sign of the best workout on the planet. I haven’t felt this in some time and it was quite literally a high I ran off of for two days after the workout.

The Barrecore workout itself it broken down into sets that concentrate on different parts of the body. I loved the fact we were told what exactly each exercise was doing to get rid of trouble spots. I could feel my bingo wings being worked out, my love handles whispering for mercy and my thighs kissing goodbye to the endless jiggle.

After one hour I walked out of Barrecorre and onto the Kings Road feeling like I was on the road to body recovery. This is a workout and a half and I can only imagine that if done three times a week you’d have a body like Elle Macpherson in no time. One thing’s for sure, you certainly do feel as if you have gotten your money’s worth.

Bottom line, if you are looking to shape up this summer and you are willing to put in the time and money to do so, Barrecore will make sure you get there.

So now for the details. For one class, and I do recommending at least going to try one, there is a cost of £28. There are also several different package deals available that bring this price per class down remarkably. At the moment, I’m considering taking on the six week summer challenge which is a package of six week unlimited classes for £375. Anyone wanna give it a go with me?

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