Fashion Foie Gras in chocolate… the most magnificent surprise ever!

I had the surprise of a lifetime last night when I returned to my room in Jumby Bay following dinner. The table in my foyer had the most delicious looking dessert tray waiting for me. As I approached, ready to grab a few macarons, I noticed there was something a little different about this particular tray… mainly that it was completely customised. That’s right folks, that’s the Fashion Foie Gras logo in chocolate you see there before you. You can only imagine the squeals of joy that came out of me in discovering this amazing masterpiece, complete with not only the goose in heels but giant heels themselves. I can’t quite bring myself to eat it, and in fact wish I could frame it instead. I promise you’ll never hear those words come out of my mouth again… framing instead of eating chocolate… have I lost my mind?

Thank you so much, Jumby Bay! What a lovely and unexpected surprise.


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