FFG Food: The good ole’ classic Burger at Byron

At the moment burgers are “the thing” in London.  While it feels like you’ve always been able to grab a decent burger in the big city, currently it’s more than just walking into your local and ordering up a medium rare cheeseburger. The experience is now all about waiting in line with fifty other people, squeezing into a small space and eating so fast that you’ve nearly forgotten the experience before it’s even ended. You’ve done the obligatory instagram to say you were there and went on your merry way knowing you’ve checked off a must-try on the London burger list. The latest have included Meat Liquor, Burger & Lobster and Patty & Bun. All were fantastic burgers, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you they spent more time bonding with their fellow linemakers outside than they did sitting down with a slab of beef. 

As two more burger joints are about to open in London, Shake Shack and Five Guys, I thought I’d go back to a classic burger joint before my favourite American burgers hit UK shores and take over the scene. On Sunday afternoon, Mr. FFG and I popped into an old favourite, Byron. Burgers from Byron used to be the old standby for a great chunk of a beef on a lazy weekend. Then I felt as if they were lost in the shuffle with the burger takeover.

What can you say about Byron that hasn’t already been said? It’s hard to go wrong here. The Iceberg Wedge is legendary (and saw me through many Atkins Diets), the burgers are exactly as you would expect each time you visit and I can’t seem to sit in a Byron booth without ordering a side of onion rings. It’s like a twitch I can’t shake. 

So while new burger joints will be working hard for your business this summer, never forget that a Byron Burger is still a good option if you’re lost without a clue for dinner and see the Byron light shining bright near you. 


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