Louis Vuitton goes pre-historic with dinosaur windows

Louis Vuitton is going retro, seriously retro… as in reaching into pre-historic times. For their latest windows on New Bond Street, Louis Vuitton have filled the displays with dinosaur skeletons displayed in a bright antique gold colour. 

Inspired by the Natural History Museum in Paris, Louis Vuitton tells us the following dinosaurs can be seen in the windows from today:

“The slow, spiny Dimetrodon, the oldest of the selection, dating from 290 million years ago, with its distinctive sail of spines on its back; the placid Stegosaurus, with plates across its backbone like a jaw full of wonky teeth; the gigantic, pond-paddling Brachiosaurus; the swift-footed, fast-thinking Velociraptor; the predatory Spinosaurus, the largest of the meat-eaters, even bigger than the Tyrannosaurus rex; and the three-horned Triceratops, the youngest of the bunch at a mere 65 millions years old.”

It’s as if the Natural History museum has come to New Bond Street, only with the finest accessories these dinosaurs have ever seen. And just to seal the deal, in making you feel you are in the museum, all the signage in the windows has also been replaced to resemble museum signage in identifying the accessories seen in the shop windows. 

This is a must see display, as far as we’re concerned. 


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