Postcards from the 2013 Isle of Wight Festival… from fashion to food!

What a weekend to remember! River Island invited me along to the 2013 Isle of Wight Festival and it was definitely a weekend full of stories and visual memories I will not soon forget. From the tens of thousands of people gathering to watch rock legends, to the more intimate atmospheres in smaller tents around the festival, there was a magical air to the crowd this year. It might have been freezing cold and off-and-on stormy, but that would not stop the festival go-ers who dressed in some of the most unique ensembles I have seen in some time. There was a woman wearing her wedding dress, a group of men dressed as bananas and a thousands of women wearing jean shorts so short I thought for sure they would be suffering from frost bitten bums by the end of the day.

While all eyes were on the stage, my focus darted back and forth between performing artists and performing fashionistas in the crowd. Next year, I’m pretty sure I have to go back and spend all my time style spotting.

Here’s a look at some of my snaps from the weekend. Thank you, River Island, for including me in an incredible experience! Oh, and I do hope you are bringing your Sing in Style Karaoke tent to future festivals. I’ve never had so much fun!


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