Channeling Nike… where to buy my golden winged sandals?

Yesterday I had twelve meetings, back to back. It’s one of those days where you are so busy rushing between buildings you don’t even have time to notice the city your standing in. That all being said, no matter how fast I was rushing it seemed everyone else had plenty of time to notice the footwear I was sporting. I’ve never been stopped so many times in one day by people asking where they could get my metallic winged sandals. Actually, just saying it out loud sounds strange. 

I thought I’d share the love loud and proud on FFG so I can tell you all at once. These are Ancient Greek Sandals and they are selling like hotcakes here in London. At £130 a pair, these Ikaria Wing Sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals are truly one of my new favourite statements. Who needs Redbull to give you wings? So last year…


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