Eating East at Tramshed in London

Last week Mr. FFG took me east in London to try out one of the latest trendy restaurants on the scene. Tramshed is the latest Mark Hix restaurant and if you’re into meat, this place has to be on your hit list. It’s a pretty basic concept. You’re either there to eat chicken, steak or a combination of the two. If your vegetarian, it’s probably best if you walk right on by. 

From the moment you walk into Tramshed, you find you’re instantly mesmerised by the giant Damian Hirst artwork suspended in the centre of the room. A large box of formaldehyde holds a cow with a chicken on its back, which is perfectly fitting considering the menu. While the Hirst will hold your attention for a while, the food will certainly steal you away for the duration.  As Mr. FFG and I are big steak eaters, we went ahead and ordered the big guns to the table thinking we were both starving. The expression “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow,” comes to mind. And then the cow was slapped on the surface before us. It was a massive slab of beef and it came with the most wonderful fragrance that danced about our table as the waiter carved the meat for us. 

While I could sit here and tell you the meat was so tender it was like eating chocolate or that the onion rings and french fries were so perfectly cooked that the whole meal seemed like a symphony written specifically for foodies, but instead I will just tell you that not a morsel was left on the table. That, I feel, is enough to say that this was a delicious meal. It was one of the those moments where I thanked fashion for form-forgiving-maxi dresses. Had I worn skinny jeans I would have been minus the button by the end of this round. 

32 Rivington Street
London EC2A 3LX


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