Helena Christensen is the new face of NYDJ- here’s why I think that’s a mistake…

Helena Christensen has just been announced as the new, or actual first, face of NYDJ. 

Let’s start by saying this. When it comes to the denim brand NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans), we know it to be a brand that’s associated with our mothers. The brand name really does quite honestly identify the key demographic here. However, as time moves on I’ve personally seen many of my friends turn to this brand and embrace the denim like a natural next step in life. For those of you unfamiliar with NYDJ, it was basically developed during the time when young girls were embracing the lowrise jean. When I mean “low,” I mean really low…as in show off the tramp stamp low. 

It wasn’t long before women across America were taking a stand and demanding something different in their denim styles. NYDJ saw an opportunity to answer the call. The rest, as they say is history. Today it is one of the best selling denim brands in department stores across the United States and is quickly sweeping the globe as a popular alternative to trendy denim. Which leads us to where we are today with a most unlikely announcement.

Thus far the advertising for NYDJ has been unassuming and certainly non-threatening. We’ve seen average ladies starring back at us as they look like they’re in seventh heaven having discovered a jean that allows them to instantly look a pant size smaller. It is because of these advertisements that I believe the brand has grown. Moms see other moms staring back at them and they feel comfortable and confident buying into a brand that is seemingly recommended by their peers. This isn’t just me saying this, as I am neither a mother not a NYDJ wearer. These words come straight from the mouths of friends as I asked them about NYDJ and what they know of their advertisements. The ads are barely remembered, but the product is quite simply never forgotten. Yes, apparently they are just that good.

Now here’s where things get interesting. The reaction I’ve had to announcing that Helena Christensen is the new face of NYDJ has a common theme running through it. I’ve had eye rolls, sighs and a general response of “why would they do that?”And I have to say I completely agree with the reactions. There’s a great saying in the south – “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” NYDJ, you had a good thing going here and quite honestly I think you may have just rumbled your key demographic. 

Quite frankly speaking, Helena Christensen has no need for jeans that make her appear a size smaller. The women is already a size, or ten, smaller than most women that most likely buy into the brand. So one has to wonder what was going through the mind of the marketers at NYDJ when the decision was made to walk down the supermodel route. Was it the cool factor that was missing? Are they trying to tackle a new generation? Who knows. But I suppose we’ll see if I, along with my purchasing friends, am right on the money or too old school in my own thinking…

Image courtesy of NYDJ


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