Look for Less: Givenchy vs. ASOS Rottweiler Tee

Over the past year the Rottweiler has had a bit of a revival thanks to fashion and specifically to Givenchy. The brand released a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts that took the world by storm. Everyone from style bloggers to celebrities wore the style out and about. As the paps snapped, the world saw just how far the trend could go. We even had a few magazine covers showcasing the style, including Eva Mendes in the Givenchy Rottweiler top for Glamour France

Now the high street is reacting and bringing out their own versions of the designer Rottweiler style. First up on the block we have ASOS with a Rottweiler sweatshirt that seems to be inspired by the direction of the dog. However, ASOS have ditched the black and embraced a little colour for their raging Rottweiler. They’ve also introduced a price point that seems much more appropriate for this sort of clothing with a reasonable £65 pricetag attached. So which will you be wearing?


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