Remember to have fun with fashion, ladies…

I am the first to admit that sometimes fashion can feel a bit suffocating. You can easily find yourself stuffed into one corner of style and feeling as if you need to stick to that look. However, the very definition of fashion is experimentation and the more you try, the more you’ll discover your true unique style. I’ve been trying to do just that lately in pushing out from my preppy boundaries. True, you won’t see me giving up my Ralph Lauren addiction, but I am trying to embrace new style horizons. 

Take the above picture, for example. That’s not a t-shirt I’d expect to try and work into my daily attire. But thrown on with a classic skirt from Jaeger (now in the sale) and a pair of black stilettos and I’m feeling as if I’m trying new things while sticking with some familiar pieces to ease me into unfamiliar territory. 

The bottom line here, you aren’t living unless you’re having fun everyday with mixing and matching your closet. Take risks, big ones. They either pay off or don’t, but either way you’ll be style wiser! 


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