What would you do in Harrods after closing? I’m there tonight and taking requests…

Ever wondered what Harrods is like after dark? Who hasn’t really? Well, for the first time ever Harrods are allowing a journalist (ahem…me) to come in after hours and spend the night poking around the world’s most famous department store. This evening Harrods will be shooting their latest campaign in store and the action officially starts just as the guests are ushered out, the doors are locked and the lights go down. 

I’ll be making Harrods my home for the night from 10pm and will be reporting live from the store (although there may be a few extra special moments saved for sharing once the world is up and awake the next morning). This will certainly be a surreal experience, and perhaps even a slightly scary one. Harrods is absolutely massive and I can imagine it’s quite intimidating in the wee hours. But never fear, the FFG instagram light is here. 

That’s right, folks, I’ll be wandering around the store getting into all kinds of trouble discovering hidden nooks and crannies and perhaps even sneaking off to the food hall for a midnight snack. With my trusty phone by my side, I’ll be capturing every turn. I have a feeling there are going to be some pretty magical moments. 

So make sure you follow FFG on twitter and instagram and look out for #Harrodshome for updates from both FFG and Harrods as we make our way through the store. 

Oh, and if there’s anything in particular you want me to check out and take a picture of, speak now or forever hold your peace. Yes, I am taking requests! So leave a comment below with your twitter name, or tweet at me, and tell me what you want to see. I’ll break away and honour your twitter wishes.

Speaking of wishes, wish me luck! I may move in and never leave again…


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