A dollar bill wishing wall found in South Carolina

Imagine a room covered in dollar bills, from floor to ceiling. Only these aren’t just your everyday dollar bills. These are dollar bills that have been scribbled with notes. There are declarations of love, memories recorded and revisited, broken hearts named and shamed and pictures drawn of everything from beaches to Cadillacs. This is the scene at Johnson Creek Tavern on Harbor Island in South Carolina. 

Last night, I went down to Johnson Creek Tavern with some family and friends to take in the local flavour, and of course to leave our mark on the wall. In between oysters and fried shrimp we all took out a dollar bill and used the restaurant’s markers and staple gun to leave behind a memory in Johnson Creek Tavern. 

What first drew me to Johnson Creek Tavern was actually a story I heard about the dollar bills on the wall. It seems that all the bills covering the walls today are actually “newish.” The restaurant walls have been fully decorated before. However, in 2005, the owners asked locals to come down and help them retrieve all the bills from the walls for a good cause. This was just after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the South and the owners wanted to send assistance. They estimated that $10,000 was taken down and the money was donated to help the victims of the hurricane. 

So it was with great pleasure that I parted with not one, but several, dollar bills last night. Fashion Foie Gras got a mention, as well as a few wishes and dreams. And perhaps one day those dollars will go to a greater good with my dreams and wishes attached. 

If you’re passing along the South Carolina coast, I highly recommend stopping in and dropping off your dollar bill. 

Visit Johnson Creek Tavern


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